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He also says that his knees need special care. Most of the time, of course, women have knee-deep skin layers that have unpleasant whitish black spots, cracks, and rough layers. A woman may need to wash often on the floors, her knees. Or agriculture negatively affects the work of knee formation: getting on the knees, in the garden, in the greenhouses. Or the signs of skin disorders – wet psoriasis, dermatitis dry /. How to care for your knees, not to look at them skin, “how”? horrible Now, women have an unhealthy and bad knee, to understand the problem.Briefly on the common causes of high-risk vision of women
The first must be to find the real cause of painful, questionable changes in theĀ  the skin retraction is walking,” this is one of the main symptoms of a certain type of dermatitis. The itching was painful, just like this, without epithelium, and itching didn’t appear. These painful symptoms indicate skin photomicrobiology infection (which is called viruses, germs, micro-organisms). So, you should consult with a dermatologist.


And friends do not rush to self-medicate by applying any hints or medicines. This wrong move can temporarily improve deeper skin goes into the lower basal layer, and gradually continues to develop. Over time, free high bone tissue damage joints and tendons.
In any case, such skin on the knees should be treated by a dermatologist when they come to the hospital for admission.

Healing “high”, innovative method for notebook care problems

If a study dermatologist does not find the etiology of the skin on his knees painful, then suggests effective methods of care for the knee skin. One of the latest innovative solutions to dermatology is the method of “healing pillows”.

This is not an important bandage, a creamy ointment that soothes a woman can wear all day. Lubricant healing, replacement, wrapping, bandage can be a home.

Folk medicines () homeopathy successfully treat skin pathology on high body areas with a positive agreement with a dermatologist. For example, a pomace (in a blender, a crushed wrapper) is accompanied by a succulent flowery lawn, a dandelion, a flower of succession. The cheerleader wears them and the application for his knees is certainly the same ability.

So, the Council. Do not ignore, even the slightest pathological changes on the knee skin!

And so. Behind these elbows, you have to take care. Hands them, giving them the same attention as face and neck!


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